Original Paintings-House Series-Gallery

Each work of art goes through an eight step process from start to finish.
Canvases or wood blocks are handmade or are from recycled sources.
Then a wonderful layer of texture is added.
It is an accumulation of layers that gives each piece its great depth and detail.
Each unique piece of artwork is painted with a combination of acrylic paint,
colored pencil, crayon,
oil pastel.
All pieces are signed and finished with either an archival acrylic finish or beeswax coating.







Below are some examples of ways to hang this wonderful grouping on the wall. The 'houses' work best in a 'neighborhood' style grouping,
although solo is fine too, and most all of them go well together.

The pictures below also reflect the kind of texture that I use throughout the majority of my unframed artwork viewed thoughout the website.
I tend to describe the texture similar to frosting on a cake,
only a little bit more firm and certainly not edible!
Please notice the border edging of texture around the canvas as well.
A signature mark of my work!
It adds more textural interest and draws the eye into the picture...

All artwork is sold on this page but commissions are welcome!


wonderful visual details
under the moon-20x24"
textural interest

Grouping of 6 in a collection- All sold-
Each one measures 8x10x1 1/2" deep on canvas



Commissions welcome!


gallery 1 gallery 2 gallery3 gallery4 gallery5 gallery6









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