First appearing in the Jan/Feb. 2006 issue of Somerset Studios Magazine, the whimsical Tinnies collection have evolved into a delightful group of found object pails, vases and containers.

The look is contemporary yet nostalgic.
They are perfect sitting pretty amongst other collectables. Hung from a doorknob
or sitting bedside, they lend an artful quaintness to any vignette.Each Tinny has multiple layers of paint, oil pastel and gorgeous circa 1800 papers. The Tinnies are wonderfully embellished with found objects such as vintage keys, antique door latches
door and window hardware; the list goes on.



The Tinnies Collection starts at about $115 and up.
Finished height on most are about 11" except for larger works

All pieces are created as little sculptural gems.
Most all parts and pieces are permantly affixed with bolts, nuts and wires. All Tinnies are hand painted using some of my signature techniques for tons of visual depth and texture. Truly one of a kind pieces...








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